Acquiring the Washington DC Spirit

Festivals and Special events have always been used to convey a range of identity a city has to offer. For instance, Washington DC Drive-In Movies at Union Market shows a part on how the District people define unity and fun. It is a facet of how the culture understands and agrees with one another. The Union Market serves as a spirit renewal of the neighborhood. The movies they watch together reflects their concept of reality. It exposes the current state of living with different cultures and ideologies in a plain view. Such event becomes a ritual and reveals the mute identity Washingtonians share. washington dc

 In joining such events, every citizen has played a crucial role in developing social and political maps. They have allowed themselves to point the correct and influence one another to apply it on their lives. Many District people get most of their identity as they extend their social life in attending festivals and special events supported by the government. They give a direct impact so that everyone can approach the government with ease and freedom. It is not uncommon for many citizens to stop and reflect during this occasion simply because they are unable to handle the live reality presented to them.